Celebrating National Best Friends Day

Anushka Mehrotra  //  Jun 8, 2016

Celebrating National Best Friends Day

Today is National Best Friends Day, a day to celebrate the people we have chosen as our favourite people on earth. In honor of Best Friends Day, we wanted to celebrate the only way we know how - by talking about fictional characters! Here’s a list of our favourite fictional best buds:

Harry, Ron and Hermione - The Harry Potter series: The Golden Trio has had their ups and downs, but at the end of the day their friendship is as unwavering as it is strong. From the moment Harry turned down Malfoy’s offer of friendship to befriend the Weasley in the hand-me-down clothes, Ron and Harry have been inseparable. And by the end of the first book, the trio is complete. Whether it is Ron sacrificing himself to a giant game of chess for Harry and Hermione, Harry practically living in the Burrow, or Hermione constantly having their backs and going along with their dumb shenanigans, the trio’s friendship, loyalty and love is undeniably the backbone of the series, and what truly made the Harry Potter books so incredible. Also, I’ve always wanted Ron Weasley as my own best friend, and the fact that he doesn’t actually exist is honestly kind of depressing.


Jesse and Leslie - Bridge to Terabithia: Jesse and Leslie have a turbulent start to their friendship. After practicing all summer to become the fastest runner in his class, Jesse is defeated by newcomer Leslie. Tomboy Leslie is intelligent and eccentric, and is considered odd by her classmates. Despite hating each other at first, the two eventually become close friends and monarchs of an imaginary kingdom of their own invention, known as Terabithia. The two admire each other, and the friendship between them is strong and caring. Although the final events of the book are heartbreaking, the effect Jessie and Leslie have had on each other’s lives is undeniably indelible.


Prongs, Padfoot and Moony - The Harry Potter series: I solemnly swear I am up to no good. Yes, Harry Potter gets two mentions, because it is almost impossible for me to pick between The Golden Trio and the Marauders, the mischievous, popular pranksters consisting of Harry’s father James Potter, future wanted criminal Sirius Black, future DADA professor and werewolf Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew who was purposefully excluded from the tagline (you know why). The Marauders were supposedly inseparable, and really, what other kind of friends would go through the extensive and harrowing procedure of turning themselves into animagi to help out their werewolf friend? The Marauders are the kind of crew you desperately wish you were a part of. Well… uh… until they all start dying, that is.


Sam and Frodo - The Lord of the Rings Series: Samwise Gamgee is perhaps one of the most dedicated best friends ever. He is devoted to Frodo, and does whatever it takes to keep him going on his journey. Sam does everything for his friend, including wading in a river during a storm despite not knowing how to swim. As Frodo becomes weaker under the Ring’s power, Sam carries the bags, keeps a lookout at night, and cooks the food, all while keeping a close eye on his best friend. Sam puts up with a lot over the course of the series, but remains a loyal friend and a good person.


May and Libby - I Am Princess X: When Libby dies in a car accident, May refuses to believe that her best friend is actually gone. Three years later, Princess X, the character the two friends created together, reappears in May’s life, and May can’t help but wonder if her instinct about Libby was right. Guided by a series of clues that seemingly only May can understand, May embarks on a mission and risks everything to bring her best friend home.


Ronan, Adam and Gansey - The Raven Cycle series: One of the special things about the Raven Cycle books is the closeness between the boys and Blue. However, the friendship between Ronan, Gansey and Adam in particular is very powerful. The three have shown time and time again that they are willing to do anything for the other two. Whether it’s Adam risking his father’s wrath by slipping out of his house in the middle of the night to help Gansey search for Ronan, Gansey’s absolute devotion to helping Ronan and Adam face their demons, or Ronan’s stubborn loyalty and thoughtful gifts (the epipens!), the three - like the Marauders - have a friendship so close, it’s almost overly-dependent.   

Which fictional character would you want to be best friends with?