"Book discovery": Add books to your Easter egg hunt!

Michael Barrett  //  Apr 13, 2017

"Book discovery": Add books to your Easter egg hunt!

The Easter egg hunt is such a fun tradition in many homes with many families always trying to find new hiding places. What if we also hid children’s books this year? You can give the gift of reading this holiday weekend and take “book discovery” to a whole new level by incorporating hidden books in your Easter egg hunt this weekend!

Need inspiration on where to hide these books? The Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report™: 6th Edition shows that parents say their child’s bedroom (85%) is the most common place to find children’s books in their home followed by the family/living room (53%) and playroom (31%). So use this opportunity to mix it up! Hide those books and eggs in the home office, dining room and kitchen where far fewer parents have children’s books year-round.

This is just one fun opportunity to increase your child’s access to books in your home which couldn’t be more important. Our research shows that children ages 6–17 who are frequent readers – those who read books for fun 5–7 days a week – are far more likely to have more books in the home than those who are infrequent readers – children who read books for fun less than one day a week. Fifty-two percent of frequent readers have more than 100 books at home while nearly three-quarters (73%) of infrequent readers have fewer than 100 books. Need help finding the right book? Parents shared the top books and series they believe every kid should read including: Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss, The Magic Tree House and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. In addition, kids also told us their top books or series to read:  

Have a “hoppy” holiday and happy book hunting.

To learn more, visit: www.scholastic.com/readingreport