10 tips to get kids reading this summer

Michael Barrett  //  May 8, 2014

10 tips to get kids reading this summer

The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge launched this Monday - and we already have over 600,000 kids signed-up across the nation!


Okay, so your kid has signed-up, but what do you to keep them reading all summer?


We understand that coming up with ideas can be challenging - especially with a reluctant reader.


That's why we created this handy infographic to help you brainstorm creative ideas for this summer break.  


This year's theme is "Reading Under the Stars." What better way to get kids excited about reading than taking the adventure outdoors. Grab the picnic blankets, flashlights and camp-friendly snacks and bring your child's book to life.


Be sure to share these great tips with parents, teachers and friends (shareable link: http://bit.ly/1g07CxL). 


Do you have any tips that get your kids reading this summer? Any favorite books? Special activities? Share in the comments below. 


Happy summer reading, everyone!