This year, create your best classroom library ever!

Guest Blogger  //  Sep 8, 2016

This year, create your best classroom library ever!

Allison Gillingham from our Scholastic Teachers team joins us today on the blog to talk about our best classroom library ever campaign.

Scholastic wants to help you create your best classroom library ever this year! Are you a veteran teacher whose library needs fresh materials? Or a new teacher just starting to find the right books for those colorful bins? During September, we're sharing helpful tips and giving away books to fill those classroom libraries. Follow our classroom library idea share on Facebook and Twitter using #bestclassroomlibraryWhatever your role or your goals for your library, you’ll find inspiration from our virtual classroom tours and advice from fellow teachers in our Top Teaching blog posts.  

Classroom libraries go beyond simply enjoying a paperback in a cozy nook. They provide spaces for students to interact with books and develop a love of reading. They’re also important tools to support literacy instruction and boost reading achievement. 

In a classroom library, students can:

·         Use magazines to discuss current events.

·         Analyze an engaging book with a reading buddy.

·         Form a classroom reading community.

·         Try reading strategies with self-selected books or magazines.

What other ways do you use your classroom library? How do you acquire books? How do you keep your library organized all year? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter with #bestclassroomlibrary

image via Genia Connell.