Why reading is the best workout for your brain

Loribelle Lapaix  //  Feb 26, 2019

Why reading is the best workout for your brain

What happens to your brain when reading? While reading brings us joy, science also tells us that reading is actually a powerful workout for the brain, increasing intellectual stimulation and providing mental health benefits. We’ve collected a variety of recent stories from Scholastic Classroom Magazines to give the brain a good workout!

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Scholastic News® Edition 1 (March 2019)

Hiding in My Habitat

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a rainforest? First graders can learn about all different kinds of habitats and the types of animals that live in them. This article is paired with a variety of printables including a  “Send Habitat Postcards” activity where students can send postcards from a habitat of their choice.

Storyworks® (February 2019)

Mars Needs Guitars

This fiction story about kids leaving Earth and settling into their new lives on Mars teaches students in grades 4–6 critical thinking skills by asking them to reflect on how kind, small gestures can spread happiness. You can learn more about Storyworks here!

SuperScience® (February 2019)

“Monkey Crossing”

“A tiny monkey jumps from tree to tree in a rainforest in Brazil. It’s chasing a tasty bug to eat. Suddenly, the trees dead-end at a highway.” Students in grades 3–6 can learn about the endangered golden lion tamarins, a monkey species that lives in the Atlantic Forest along Brazil’s eastern coast, and how a bridge is being built to help protect the tamarins’ remaining habitat.

Junior Scholastic® (November 19, 2018)

“How Plastic is Trashing the Planet”

Students in grades 6–8 can read about how humans’ dependence on plastic has created an environmental crisis and what people are doing to lessen the load, including a 17-year-old aquarium volunteer.

Action® (October 2018)

The Orphan Train

This nonfiction story for students in grades 6–12 follows the journey of eight-year-old Lee, a young orphan who embarked on a terrifying train ride from New York City to Texas in search of a new home with his two brothers.

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