Why All Teachers Should Enter the Patterson Partnership Giveaway for Classroom Libraries Today!

Allyson Barkan  //  Jun 10, 2019

Why All Teachers Should Enter the Patterson Partnership Giveaway for Classroom Libraries Today!

For the fifth year, mega-bestselling author James Patterson has teamed up with Scholastic Book Clubs to award grants totaling $1.25 MILLION to teachers to help them stock their classroom libraries.

A total of 4,000 teachers will each win $250 in cash and 250 Scholastic Book Clubs Bonus Points—plus an additional 500 new teachers (with up to three years of experience) will each win $500 and 500 Bonus Points. These grants are designed to provide much needed funds to teachers to purchase current, top-quality books for classroom libraries, which are vital sources of books and reading for students.

James Patterson is personally donating $1.25 million, and Scholastic Book Clubs is matching with 1.25 million Bonus Points.

So HURRY! Submit your application by July 31. It’s quick and easy to enter the Giveaway for Classroom Libraries here.

Why is James Patterson choosing to give? James Patterson’s mother was a teacher for more than 45 years, so he’s always had a special connection with teachers and the important work they do.

In James’s own words: “Nothing makes me happier than introducing kids to the joy of reading, and one of the best way to do that is to make sure that every child has access to a great classroom library.”

How does a teacher enter the Giveaway for Classroom Libraries? The application process is simple! All teachers have to do is fill out the entry form at scholastic.com/PattersonPartnership and, in 100 words or less, tell us how they plan to use their grants to build their classroom libraries. All teachers in PreK through grade 12 in US schools are eligible to apply for a grant. But don’t delay! The application period closes on July 31, 2019.

Why is it important for teachers to build their classroom libraries? According to Scholastic’s Kids & Family Reading Report™: Finding Their Story, only one in three kids has access to a classroom library with enough of the types of books they like to read. Children are much more likely to become lifelong readers if they have access to books they’re interested in and have fun reading!

And since more than half of all teachers end up using their own money to contribute to their classroom libraries, the Patterson Partnership provides teachers with much needed funds to help teachers fill up their classroom library shelves.

Why does James Patterson partner with Scholastic Book Clubs? Scholastic Book Clubs has unparalleled reach into nearly one million classrooms across the country and shares the same goal as James Patterson—to help get great books into the hands of as many children as possible.

Judy Newman, President and Reader in Chief of Scholastic Book Clubs, says, “James’s vision of making great books available to all students is perfectly aligned with the work we do every day. The classroom teachers who use Scholastic Book Clubs, on behalf of the millions of children they teach, need resources to build classroom libraries filled with books that are well suited to their students’ interests, reading abilities, and imaginations—and provide easy, barrier-free access to those titles. I continue to be awed and inspired by James’s generosity and his determination to put ample resources behind the vision of great books—and literacy—for all.”

Here’s what teachers who have benefited from the Patterson Partnership in the past have to say:

“Oh my gosh! I cannot put into words how excited I am! Shout out to @ScholasticBookClubs and @JamesPattersonBooks! I am so thankful to be able to put more books in the hands of my students!” —Jennifer Kottmann, 2nd grade teacher

“It’s like Christmas morning in Room 208! Students are enjoying new books as part of the #PattersonPledge. Room 208 was awarded $500 from @ScholasticBookClubs to freshen up and diversify the classroom library and add to leveled book bins. Students are enjoying new book viewing parties as the Book Boxes arrive. Thanks to all who make this program possible so that great books get into the hands of our excited readers!” —Terri Westgerdes, 1st grade teacher

“Thank you, @ScholasticBookClubs @ScholasticInc and @JamesPattersonBooks, we have so many new books to add to our library here!!!! And so many more to come!…I have so many plans for books and getting kids to LOVE reading and making more of their favorite books accessible at home to share with their parents! So so excited!!!!” —Michelle Romine, kindergarten teacher

“My students and I are so grateful for the $500 grant! We promise to love on these books and to continue spreading the joy of reading.” —Angela Gulin, 6th grade teacher

“Thank you, @ScholasticBookClubs and @JamesPattersonBooks for making my class feel like we won a million bucks! We are ALL so excited to have a class full of new books!” —Emily Shane, early childhood teacher

“So many great possibilities for books and educational materials for my kiddos. Our school year has been enriched.…Thank you, @JamesPattersonBooks and @ScholasticBookClubs, for this opportunity!” —Kayla Souza, early childhood teacher

“Ahhh! Thank you, @ScholasticBookClubs and @JamesPattersonBooks! I now have 500 Extra Bonus Points and $500 to spend on my classroom library!!! I cannot wait to get some new nonfiction books and graphic novels in the hands of my firsties!!” —Elizabeth Thomas, 1st grade teacher