What's your book fair memory? (Plus, a giveaway!)

Guest Blogger  //  Dec 3, 2013

What's your book fair memory? (Plus, a giveaway!)

Ahh, it’s that time of year again. We’re sipping hot chocolate, putting on our sweaters, and feeling more than a little nostalgic here at Scholastic Book Fairs. Maybe that’s because we’ve got so many wonderful things to remember. After all, when you’ve been connecting kids with great books for more than 30 years, you’re bound to make some friends, share some laughs, and even shed a few (happy!) tears. But the most wonderful thing about working with kids is that they remember – even when they’re not kids anymore!

We noticed that when we tell people we work for Scholastic Book Fairs, they can’t wait to share their memories with us. And boy, do they have memories! We wanted to capture some of those, so we started by asking a few people: what do you remember about your Scholastic Book Fair?

We loved what we heard:



But it didn’t stop there. More and more of you wanted to share your Book Fair memories with us. It seems nearly everyone we meet has a great story to tell about that first Goosebumps, Baby-sitter's Club, or I Spy book, purchased with hard-earned allowance money, read by flashlight under the covers until late at night, and dog-eared from use. We want to hear about those memories, lived out all over the country, in years recent and distant. Now is your chance to share your warm and fuzzy recollections with us: what made your Scholastic Book Fair unforgettable?

GIVEAWAY: Share your memories with us here to be entered in a giveaway for a set of award-winning books! One lucky fan will win their choice of a 50-paperback-set of Caldecott or Newbery award winning books, plus an extra set to donate to a school of their choice! (Must be a U.S. resident, 18 or over; complete legal rules available here.)

When you settle in for long reads and snuggle up for family traditions this year, what Book Fair memories bring a smile to your face? Let us know. After all, your memories are our legacy – from volunteers, to customers, to chairpersons, your stories have supported ours. So keep those pages turning, and keep those memories coming– we’ll be listening!

Alice Ozma, Scholastic Book Fairs