Welcome autumn into your classroom with these free resources

Alexandra Wladich  //  Oct 1, 2015

Welcome autumn into your classroom with these free resources

The fall season has arrived! Welcome autumn into your classroom and engage your students with these hands-on fall-themed lesson plans about pumpkins, leaves, and life cycles and teaching ideas for math, science, and art!

●From engaging in a color experiment to identifying the characteristics of a flower, these science and language arts activities with help students compare and contrast fall and spring.

●This lesson will challenge student’s math skills by using information about harvest data provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

●Take advantage of a gloomy day! Through this activity students will go on a rainy day walk while developing observational skills and exercising creative movement.

●Put those fall leaves to good use. Through this art project students will observe different shapes, sizes and vein patters of leaves as they create their very own fingerprint leaf prints.

●Teacher your students about the life cycle of a pumpkin. This lesson plan illustrates how a pumpkin starts as a tiny seed and grows into a pumpkin.

●From pumpkins to spooky Halloween stories, these books will engage your students around the fall season.