Unmask your favorite original Goosebumps cover!

Lia Zneimer  //  Oct 9, 2013

Unmask your favorite original Goosebumps cover!

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Or, so they say. Everyone loves Goosebumps for its spine-tingling stories of dramatic twists and fascinating monsters that love to scare. When Goosebumps first came out, the series not only got a generation of kids to just read—but to LOVE reading! More than 20+ years later, fans just can’t get enough of Goosebumps! 

Fans often agree that the original books are as terrifyingly terrific as the stories themselves! The covers tease our imaginations and provide an indelible image of the scares that lurk inside the pages of the book. Some of them were just outright creepy (Night of the Living Dummy, anyone?), but no matter whether a cover gave you goosebumps (literally), captivated you or made you do a double-take, the excitement of reading a Goosebumps book was undeniable.

In this season of goblins and ghouls, we want to know from YOU, the fans, which book cover from the original series is your favorite. Show us using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest! We’ll be looking out for your favorite on social media all month long and will reveal the most popular cover from the original series on Halloween. So, whether you devoured the books in the dark of night, have a collection still stashed under your bed, or are sharing them with the next generation of Goosebumps fans, join us in unmasking your favorite Goosebumps cover!

Check out the Pinterest board of original Goosebumps covers. Then, share your favorite cover ghoul on your favorite social platform! Check below for details on tagging your cover:

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