Two Tough Trucks authors talk trucks and teamwork (+ a giveaway!)

Guest Blogger  //  Nov 21, 2019

Two Tough Trucks authors talk trucks and teamwork (+ a giveaway!)

Vroom! Zoom! We’re Corey Rosen Schwartz and Rebecca J. Gomez, a tough author team. We’ve been writing together since 2006, and Two Tough Trucks is our third book. In a lot of ways, we are like the book’s characters, Mack and Rig. We’re total opposites, we sometimes drive each other crazy, and we help each other when the road gets rough. But there is one big difference between their partnership and ours—we’ve never met!  We never even spoke on the phone until we sold our first book in 2013! We do all our work through email, Facebook messenger, and Google docs. 

After thirteen years, we know each other really well. But there are some roads we’ve never been down, so we’ve decided to ask each other a few questions inspired by our new book!

Rebecca:  Corey, do you relate more to Mack or Rig, and why? (I think I know the answer, but I’ll let you speak for yourself.)

Corey:  I definitely relate more to Rig. I was not nervous about starting school, but a lot of other things make me anxious! I’m afraid of heights, terrified of public speaking and I’ve been known to drive 10 miles out of my way to avoid a left merge. 

Rebecca: For me, it’s Mack! I can be anxious in new situations, like Rig is, but I tend to want to head off on my own a lot. 

Corey:  What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?  

Rebecca: Driving back down from the top of Pike’s Peak when we were on vacation in Colorado! Actually, I was cowering in the passenger seat, trying not to look at the “Hot Brakes Fail” signs while my hubby drove. We made it down without incident, by the way. Phew!

Corey: Yikes! I once accidentally wound up on a black diamond ski trail in VT when I was a beginning skier. I think I pretty much slid the whole way down on my butt. 

Rebecca: That’s a funny image, to be honest! Speaking of steep slopes, Rig has a pretty tough time getting up that hill. When you have a tough hill to climb, what helps you keep going? 

Corey:  Writing is always a tough hill! I get up it mostly by working with a partner. I need to know that when I am stuck, there is someone there to give me a push or a tow! Also, lots of Starbucks Frappuccinos! 

Rebecca: Having a partner can help me too, but mostly I keep going by keeping my eyes on my ultimate goal. And enjoying the scenery while I’m on my way up! 

Corey:  I guess that’s the Mack part of you. Always revved up and raring to go. I’m more steady and slow. And that’s part of what makes us a tough team. 

Rebecca: I agree! And we're not going to hit the brakes on this partnership any time soon. Neither are the Two Tough Trucks. They have another adventure together coming next fall!

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