A Twitter recap of #ClassMagsGlobalFieldTrip

Guest Blogger  //  Jul 19, 2019

A Twitter recap of #ClassMagsGlobalFieldTrip

This week we welcomed back our education editor Rebecca Leon as she returns from her EF Education First tour to Berlin, Germany, and Davos, Switzerland. Rebecca represented Scholastic during the professional learning tour and the Global Leadership Summit, where about 1,600 students and 200 teachers came together to collaborate and embrace new perspectives on teaching and learning from around the world. 

Check out our recap below to see Rebecca’s exciting journey!


We asked Rebecca to share some of the key takeaways from her trip: “One clear theme throughout the trip was the power of storytelling. From listening to refugee newcomers describe their journeys from Syria and Afghanistan to Germany, to sitting rapt as an author from the former East Berlin retold her tale of trying to escape, I return richer, more empathetic because of these stories and many more.”

She also took notice of the energizing effect of traveling with a group of thoughtful and dedicated educators: “Each place we visited sparked a conversation: how a country remembers and retells its history, how a German school day compares with one in the U.S. (and how to avoid getting hit by the many sleek streetcars that glide through Berlin!). And of course, how to take the experiences back to the classroom – or in my case, how they will influence the materials we create in Scholastic Classroom Magazines.”

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