Top 10 reasons to hold (or volunteer at) a Scholastic Book Fair

Guest Blogger  //  Apr 8, 2019

Top 10 reasons to hold (or volunteer at) a Scholastic Book Fair

No matter how old you are, some of the happiest memories of elementary and middle school revolve around Scholastic Book Clubs and Book Fairs. It’s easy to forget just how influential — and how much fun — it was to be able to buy books you chose yourself!

So, to refresh your fondest memories of the bygone days when you couldn’t wait for the next Scholastic catalog or Book Fair, here are the Top 10 reasons to hold (or volunteer at) a Scholastic Book Fair at your children’s schools:

Reason #10: Our shelves are full of graphic novels

Graphic novels have introduced millions of visual readers, comic book lovers, and developing readers to the adventures, perils and excitement of other lives, personalities, and circumstances. Today Scholastic Books Fairs feature shelf-fulls of graphic novels like Narwhal: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild, The Cardboard Kingdom, Zelda, Glitch, and Click to help pull young readers into the wonderful world of books and turn them into lifelong readers.

Reason #9: We have gaming books galore 

Kids love reading about topics they’re interested in, and we have plenty of gaming-themed books like Hello Neighbor, Minecraft: Quest for the Golden Apple, and Halo: Battle Born. Gaming guides, fiction, and graphic novels like these are one way to entice kids to put down the gaming controllers and pick up a book.

Reason #8: We’re committed to offering diverse and inclusive books

Reading books about different cultures and lived experiences broadens perspectives and cultivates empathy. An increasing number of books you’ll find at a Scholastic Book Fair showcase inclusion and diversity, including A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea, Sisters & Champions: The True Story of Venus and Serena Williams, She Dared: Malala Yousafzai, The Stars Beneath Our Feet, Dreamers, and With the Might of Angels

Reason #7: We offer exclusive STEAM and Maker products

STEAM refers to subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) that help students develop and exercise their ability to analyze, make prudent decisions, and design/create structures or systems, while Maker products refers to do-it-yourself creative projects where students gather to create, invent and learn.  Many of Scholastic Books Fairs’ STEAM and Maker products are developed by and for the company’s exclusive use and cannot be found anywhere else. Among them: This Box Rocks, Megalodon and Other Prehistoric Creatures, and Kitty Love

Reason #6: We know your classroom has readers of all levels, so we offer books even for the most advanced students

Enthusiastic readers can get bored when they aren’t challenged to greater effort. To address this challenge, Scholastic Book Fairs offers a selection of mature titles for advanced readers. Favorite YA (young adult) reads include On the Come Up, Shout, P.S. I Still Love You and other titles that take readers into real-life situations that challenge and inform them. 

Reason #5: You can always find your students’ favorite TV and movie characters

Many students turn to books after seeing movies based on them. They will frequently buy or check out a book after seeing a movie and falling in love with it or with one of its characters. Books with movie and TV tie-ins are especially great for getting developing readers excited about reading, which is why you’ll find plenty of recognizable characters at Scholastic Book Fairs. 

Reason #4:  We offer special prices and exclusive formats you won’t find anywhere else

This spring’s Scholastic Book Fairs include titles at special prices and in exclusive formats that you won’t find elsewhere! Here are just a few of them: Baby Shark, Pete the Cat and the New Guy, Lucky Luna, Bad Kitty: Kitten Trouble, Game Changer, The Girl in the Locked Room, and All’s Faire in Middle School.

Reason #3: Schools can completely customize their Book Fairs

Schools can customize their events to get more of the books they want. Modules like State Awards, Spanish Language, $5 and Under Books, and more can be added to the book fair to help meet every community’s needs. Schools can also choose a “Book-Only” Fair, limiting the number of non-book items such as activity kits and school supplies.  

Reason #2:  There’s a book for every budget on nearly every subject

With more than 850 new titles at book fairs this spring, there is a book for every budget and on nearly every subject. Hot new titles (and series) include Pig the Stinker, Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond: Game of Stars, Unicorn and Yeti, Mermaids to the Rescue, Kitty’s Magic, Ruff vs. Fluff, Special Forces, and The Super Life of Ben Braver. 

Reason #1:  We specially curate themed tables for your school

Elementary book fairs include tables with specially themed and curated assortments. This spring you’ll find two new, themed tables: one that’s all about dinosaurs and one that encourages shoppers to choose kindness.        

Bonus Reason: Digital payments with eWallet make checking out even easier

The Scholastic Book Fair you knew and loved as a kid is a little more high tech nowadays. Along with an official Book Fairs App, augmented reality, and an online shopping experience, Scholastic also offers eWallet, a new digital payment option that makes it even easier to get books into the hands of your young readers.


This year seriously consider holding a Scholastic Book Fair at your school, or volunteering for one that is already scheduled. Your enthusiasm for learning and for reading may be just the motivation students need to give it a try themselves. Ask students what their favorite subjects are and help them find the perfect book to tickle their fancy or their funny bone. Be the person who introduces someone else to the wonderful world of books!