Tips for Building Your Baby’s First Bookshelf

Guest Blogger  //  Aug 23, 2021

Tips for Building Your Baby’s First Bookshelf

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you start reading to babies as soon as they’re born to help instill a lifelong love of reading! But what should you keep in mind when building your baby’s first bookshelf? 

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Read aloud

The power and beauty of rhyme, call and response, and repetition are the cornerstones of literacy, but also reinforce the emotional connection between parent and child. The sound of a parent’s voice provides a message of love and reassurance that a child will carry with them, always.

Place books in every room 

Remember to have books available in every room so that reading becomes part of every milestone throughout baby’s day.  Perfect for breakfast time, out on a stroll, bath time, naptime, and of course bedtime, there are so many moments throughout the day that are perfect for storytime!  

The power of choice

Choose books that help your baby make sense of their world and bring your family together. As your child grows, make sure their bookshelf is low enough for them to choose their own book. The power of choice is key to ensuring and encouraging a love of reading.

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