Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Women in soccer

Raisa Masood  //  Jun 20, 2019

Throwback Thursday: Women in soccer

Pass, kick, GOAL!

In this edition of Throwback Thursday, we’re spotlighting titles and articles about women in soccer. It’s a summer of tournaments for a few different sports, so I have to admit my attention is divided between the U.S. soccer team excelling at their World Cup and Bangladesh participating in the Cricket World Cup (go Tigers!). The American team, however, has been dominating soccer for some time now, and we found articles in the Archive to prove it. Unsurprisingly, many Scholastic Classroom Magazine issues from the 90s featured soccer icon Mia Hamm, whose legendary status has made the sport more popular here in the last few decades.

Here’s to hoping that our team brings the trophy home!

How to Be a Good Soccer Player by Clare and Frank Gault, illustrated by Toni Goffe, 1978

Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world. In most places, it is called “football”. That’s natural, because in soccer the ball is kicked.

Soccer Game! by Grace Maccarone, illustrated by Meredith Johnson, 1994

We start the game. We’re ready. We aim. We pass.

The Bailey School Kids: Zombies Don’t Play Soccer by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones, 1995

Coach Graves has really turned the Bailey School soccer team around. But after a confrontation with a strange old woman, she seems to fall under some sort of spell.

The Baby-sitters Club #110: Abby the Bad Sport by Ann M. Martin, 1997

Abby has joined a Special Olympics Unified Sports soccer team! Playing soccer every day with a new group of friends is awesome. 

“A Superstar's Burden,” The New York Times Upfront, Sep 6, 1999

Now that she’s queen of America’s fastest-growing sport, soccer star Mia Hamm may have to act like one, too.

“Women Rule Soccer,” Scholastic News, Senior Edition, Sep 6, 1999

Forget baseball. Forget basketball. Americans are getting a kick out of soccer, thanks to the U.S. Women’s National Team.

“Soccer: Girls Rule,” Scholastic News, Ed. 4, Sep 6, 1999

This summer, fans across the U.S. cheered the team to a 5-4 penalty-kick win over China in the Women's World Cup.

“Mia Hamm,” Scholastic Action, Mar 6, 2000

This soccer star scores on and off the field.

Special thanks to Gina Asprocolas and the Scholastic librarians for their help with this series!

Raisa Masood