Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Brain Teasers

Raisa Masood  //  Jan 16, 2020

Throwback Thursday: Brain Teasers

In this week’s throwback, we’re looking at the Archive’s collection of brain teasers!

Did you know that January is International Brain Teaser Month? The month emphasizes the importance of keeping our minds sharp by testing our problem-solving skills. To honor the occasion, I found some of our older titles and booklets containing fun brain teasers for young readers. Many of these books were published by Scholastic Book Services, a division of Scholastic Magazines, Inc.

Challenge your brain and see if you can solve any of the riddles, quizzes, or puzzles below:

Science World Book of Brain Teasers, edited by Simon Dresner, 1962

Cut the Circle: Into how many different pieces can a circle be cut by drawing only four straight lines across the circle?

Can You Solve It? by Gerard Mosler, 1965

How accurate are your powers of estimation? Using the portion of the building marked 100 feet as the basis for your estimate, try to tell at a glance the height of the tower from base to top.

Mad Mad Puzzle Parade by Jim Razzi, illustrated by Tom Eaton, 1974

What a mix-up! Here are eight proverbs, but they're all in halves. 

The All Sports Puzzle and Quiz Book by George Sullivan, 1980

Which of the terms below have been spelled correctly?

Celebrity Quiz-O-Rama: Music Mania! by Jo Hurley, 2000

You and a friend have decided to attend a super-duper band contest. Competing for the title of "Best Bang in the Land" are some of your faves: 98°, BBMak, Backstreet Boys, 'NSYNC, and No Authority.

And here are the answers to the brain teasers:

Science World Book of Brain Teasers: The circle can be cut into eleven pieces

Can You Solve It?: The tower's height is 375 feet. If you guessed 350 or 400 feet, you made a good estimate.

Mad Mad Puzzle Parade: catches the worm; gathers no moss; it pours; are soon parted; save nine; laughs best; want not; is not gold

The All Sports Puzzle and Quiz Book: javelin; mitt; apparatus; barrel; toboggan; deuce

Celebrity Quiz-O-Rama: Music Mania!: 1-Backstreet Boys; 2-98°; 3-BBMak; 4-'NSYNC; 5- No Authority


Special thanks to Gina Asprocolas and the Scholastic librarians for their help with this series!

Raisa Masood