Is There a Secret Admirer on Your Shelf?

Deimosa Webber-Bey  //  Feb 5, 2021

Is There a Secret Admirer on Your Shelf?

Every book its reader, and every reader their book -- so say the laws of library science. To get in the zone for Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d try out being book-match-makers - and set you up with some of our favorite stories! 

Just say YES, and fall in LOVE

Are you a sucker for love triangles and strong girl squads?

Do you love shows like Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

Appreciate a dash of elemental magic and fairy wings in your fantasy?

This YA novelization of a hit new Netflix show may be your match!


Are you a super-fan of superhero movies?

Are you super-savvy with tech and into tales with #BlackGirlMagic?

Do you ever feel like everyone thinks you’re too young to do anything important?

This mysterious adventure with the sister to the Black Panther may be for you!


Are you familiar with the phrase “basketball IQ”?

Have you ever tried to, or wondered what it feels like to dunk?

Do you enjoy play-by-play action and a father-son bonding story?

Then this book, written by a 6x NBA All Star, may be a match!


Do you like heartwarming stories of friendship?

Are author collaborations and alternating point-of-views appealing?

How about a book about a surprising friendship standing strong against fear?

Then this #OwnVoices title told in dual perspective may be a match!


Did you love reading The Book Thief?

Can you quote verbatim from the Rocky movies?

Do you identify with stories of sibling rivalry and solidarity?

This Australian family saga will unlock the key to your heart!


Do strong female characters pique your interest?

Will multiple starred reviews sway you to try a new novel?

Are you into inspiring intergenerational tales that will require a tissue?

You might fall for this YA fiction SLJ extolled “for thoughtful readers”!


Does nonfiction about kids changing the world hit the spot?

Could you use a fun multimedia math lesson about crayons and activism?

Are young leaders like Marley Dias and Amanda Gorman inspiring you right now?

Then this complimentary content from DynaMath is the solution for you!


Have you ever loved a book so much you hugged it?

Is the Superbowl considered a holiday in your household?

Is there a little person in your life who says they hate to read?

You could be struck with Cupid’s arrow by this picture book!