Teaching children about digital citizenship

Alexandra Wladich  //  Apr 3, 2014

Teaching children about digital citizenship

I recently overheard my six year old niece asking her mother for an iPhone. Although my niece is still mastering the skills needed to become a fluent reader, she is an expert with digital devices. From iPhones to iPads she has it all figured out—or so she thinks.

Children today are learning and developing in a world that is filled with all sorts of technological devices. From posting photos on social media sites to navigating the web, it’s never too early to educate children on the importance of digital citizenship. Just like when we teach children dinner manners, there are a set of manners that children (and adults!) should follow while using technology.

Like my niece, children who may seem to be experts with technology may not fully understand how their actions create and affect their digital footprint. Creating awareness around digital citizenship is critical. Children need to fully understand what digital citizenship is and how they can positively and negatively influence their digital footprint.

Whether it is at home or in school, here are some ideas to help educate students on digital citizenship:

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