Teachers' Guide to Getting Hired

Alexandra Wladich  //  May 7, 2015

Teachers' Guide to Getting Hired

With graduation right around the corner we thought this would be a great time to share the “Teachers’ Guide to Getting Hired” from Instructor Magazine. From the application to the interview here are some tangible ways to stand out and land your dream teaching job.

The Application: It may feel productive to send out 70 résumés in a single weekend, but if the jobs are for grade levels or subjects you aren’t qualified to teach, you’re wasting your, and everyone else’s, time. Remember, the application process is also a time to show off your attention to detail. Proofread any and all submitted materials meticulously.

The Interview: The interview isn’t just a platform for you to talk about what a great teacher you are—it’s an opportunity to show how passionate you are about teaching. So don’t forget to talk about the kids themselves.Also, don’t let your nerves trick you into talking too much. Stick to answering the questions rather than filling the silence with nervous chatter or small talk.

The Portfolio: Digital or paper? Both have their advantages and their drawbacks.Whichever you choose, make sure to use the portfolio strategically—referring to it to answer specific questions rather than just handing it over.

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