Summer reading with Gordon Korman

Nadia Almahdi  //  Aug 7, 2014

Summer reading with Gordon Korman

We’ve already broken the world record, and with only have 4 weeks left of the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge we’re still watching those reading minutes climb as kids continue to log minutes to help their school be #1. Why, you may ask? Besides bragging rights and being in the Scholastic Book of World Records, the top elementary school will win a visit from author David Shannon, and the top middle school will win a visit from Gordon Korman!  Last week, we shared David Shannon’s answer to our summer reading questions. Check out what Gordon Korman has to say about summer reading below!


OOM: What book was the most challenging for you to read when you were growing up but made you feel super proud to finish it?

GK: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING was a real slog for me in middle school, but once I made it to THE TWO TOWERS, I became a huge LORD OF THE RINGS fan.


OOM: What books are on your summer reading list?

GK: This summer, I'm hoping to catch up on some series by my author friends, like Peter Lerangis's SEVEN WONDERS and the UNWIND books by Neal Shusterman. As for adult novels, I plan to tackle THE CIRCLE by Dave Eggers.


OOM: What’s your favorite book you read as a child?

GK: TALES OF A FOURTH GRADE NOTHING by Judy Blume came out when I was just about that age. My love of the middle grade novel started there.


OOM: What’s your favorite book to read in the dark with a flashlight or under the stars?

GK: The first HARRY POTTER. I reread it every couple of years because it's the ideal mix of fantasy, humor, and high stakes.


OOM: What’s your next vacation and what books are you packing?

GK: I'm taking my family to Canada, where I grew up, and we'll be loaded with books. My older son is reading LORD OF THE FLIES, my daughter is reading CATCHING FIRE, and my younger son is just starting my very first book, THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING AT MACDONALD HALL, the one I wrote when I wasn't much older than he is now. I'm not sure what I'll be enjoying after I'm done with the books I've mentioned above. That's the great thing about summer reading - the sky's the limit!


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