Summer Olympics - Scholastic Magazines Resources

Langley Leverett  //  Jul 1, 2024

Summer Olympics - Scholastic Magazines Resources

This year’s 2024 Paris Summer Olympics are swiftly approaching! From ancient games in Greece to today’s modern competitions, the Olympics provide ample opportunities for students, families, and classrooms to learn more about the games’ cultural, historical, and scientific significance.  

To celebrate, Scholastic Magazines+ is sharing a handful of free articles, videos, lesson plans, and more* to share insight into these exciting global events – including how science, math, geography, and technology all play a part to bring the games to life!

Keep reading below to learn more!

  • Scholastic News 2, “Dance for the Gold,” (Grade 2)*

    • For the first time in Olympic history, breaking, more commonly known as breakdancing, will be considered a sport! In this feature, students will meet Sunny Choi, who has been a breaker for more than 15 years and will be competing at this year’s inaugural competition. Learn more about how these athletes train their bodies to perform jaw-dropping dance moves with this issue.

  • Scholastic News 4, “Going for the Gold,” (Grade 4)

    • Expand your students' social studies knowledge of breakdancing with this article and accompanying teaching resources highlighting Victor Montalvo. This athlete won the World DanceSport Federation World Breaking Championship in the fall of 2023, which earned him a qualification for the first spot on Team USA’s breaking team. In this feature, students will learn more about the sport’s hip-hop and urban roots, and a few special geographic facts about France, the host country!

  • Scholastic News 4, “Let the Games Begin!(Grade 4)*

    • Watch this introductory video with your young learners to gain more background knowledge of the biggest and oldest sporting event in the world! Explore how the ancient Greeks and Romans competed thousands of years ago and discuss how these civilizations celebrated their athletes, the differences between men and women competing, and the developments of the Summer and Winter Games.

  • Scholastic Math, “Go for the Gold! (Grades 6-9)*

    • Assess your student’s understanding of statistics and probability with this feature that includes several charts and graphs covering men and women’s events, winter and summer games, and a few world-renowned Olympic athletes. 

  • Junior Scholastic, “Olympic Countdown,” (Grade 6-8)*

    • Get kids excited about this year’s games with three reasons why the Summer Games in France will be très cool. From new sports added to the roster, iconic French sights to picture, and a record-number of women participating in this year’s events, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy!

*Content available for a limited time only. 

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