StoryPlay: A fun way to read together!

Morgan Baden  //  Aug 22, 2017

StoryPlay: A fun way to read together!

“These books will be great tools for parents who want to prepare their children for school and build their reading comprehension. What a fantastic project!”

—Marissa Zimmer, First grade teacher, Cynthia Heights Elementary School, IN


Parents, meet StoryPlay.

I have an almost-three-year-old, and she is a pre-reader. We read a lot together, and lately she's been memorizing her favorite books and "reading" passages back to me. It's such a treat, watching her develop these skills, but I have begun asking myself: am I helping? Am I doing everything I need to do to support her with her burgeoning reading skills? That's why I'm so thrilled about StoryPlay.

This special collection of prompts and activities encourage families to read together—and also help your little ones develop problem-solving abilities, social development, reading comprehension, pre-reading skills and memory strength. 

“…They are stories that kids love, and the StoryPlay element gives parents concrete examples of the type of questions to ask during reading."

—Brian Smith, Kindergarten teacher, Lafayette Elementary School, NC

StoryPlay debuted in January with four titles aimed at children ages 3-5; the books "integrate questions and prompts within stories to further engage kids and the adults who are reading to, or with, them," wrote Publishers Weekly. "Each storybook wraps up with activities tailored to the tale, with themes that include drawing, counting, search-and-find, riddles, and imaginative play." (Read more here!) 

StoryPlay's titles specifically help with those pre-reading skills I'm so interested in. Take a look: 


Four new StoryPlay titles are coming out this season—preorder them here