Sneak Peek: Spotlit Highlights Animal Heroes and Book Awards

Michael Barrett  //  Nov 5, 2013

Sneak Peek: Spotlit Highlights Animal Heroes and Book Awards

I can't believe it's already the holiday shopping season. I really want to give my niece and nephew the "gift of reading" this year, but are you just as overwhelmed as I am picking the right book for kids this holiday season?

Luckily, there is a great resource to point you in the right direction. Welcome to the The Spotlit Collection!

This is THE place to find guaranteed great reads. Scholastic recruited leading experts in the fields of education and children's books to hand-pick the top 50 books every kid should read per grade level (from pre-school to middle school). That's a total of 400 books!

The Spotlit collection aims to find books that are original, diverse, inspiring, re-readable and memorable, appealing to a wide range of kids' interests. It was no small task as our committee of 27 experts (ranging from librarians, teachers and book professionals) needed to carefully choose their top picks out of over 8,000 nominations.


To kick-off SPOTLIT this holiday season, I wanted to give our readers a "sneak peek" into what our collection has to offer. Here are two great infographics to check out and share on social media! Tweet away, my friends.

The first infographic highlights the diverse range of animal protagonists showcased in our SPOTLIT collection, ranging from dinosaurs to monkeys to penguins. Talk about a menagerie of heroes.

The second infographic showcases the numerous awards the books collectively have ranging from Newbery Medal Winners to National Book Awards and Finalists. 

To see the entire infographic, please go to our latest article on Scholastic Reading Club's blog  Book Box Daily.