Scholastic’s commitment to invest in early childhood education

Alexandra Wladich  //  Dec 10, 2014

Scholastic’s commitment to invest in early childhood education

As a company that has championed the importance of early learning, we are excited to announce Scholastic’s commitment to provide in-kind donations of more than $1 million worth of books from The Scholastic Possible Fund, along with professional learning opportunities for the awardees of the Preschool Development Grants and Early Head Start Partnership Grants, presented today by President Obama at the White House.

This commitment, in support of the “Invest in Us” initiative, reflects the Company’s long-standing support for children during the first five years of life, which offer a critical window for learning, and its belief that investments in high-quality early learning programs will have long-term benefits both for young children and for the country as a whole.

At Scholastic we understand the right book at the right time can “Open a World of Possible,” lighting an emotional spark within children that motivates them to read more, understand more and read joyfully for the rest of their lives. We also know the first five years of life offer a critical window for learning with rapid brain development that does not occur at any other time.

The Scholastic commitment will have two components:

1.)    As part of the “Open a World of Possible” initiative, Scholastic will donate a PreK classroom library, consisting of 300 board books for ages 0 to 3, to every Early Head Start Child Care Partnership awardee; approximately 300 early childhood centers will receive a total of 90,000 books from The Scholastic Possible Fund through this commitment.

2.)    In addition, Scholastic will provide professional learning opportunities for Preschool Development Grant awardees to give early childhood education providers and leaders with up to date information about those practices which will lead to rich and joyful learning for young children. Scholastic Professional Learning Summits will take place in five locations across the country and will include Scholastic experts and featured speakers.

Learn more about Scholastic’s ongoing efforts to support language development and early learning opportunities for very young children both in school and at home at: