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Scholastic Resources to Honor Women’s History Month

Langley Leverett  //  Mar 3, 2023

Scholastic Resources to Honor Women’s History Month

March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate the contributions of women throughout history and empower young girls to reach their full potential. To help educators and family members do just that, Scholastic Education Solutions is highlighting a selection of free non-fiction resources and professional books written by female-led author teams that celebrate women's achievements, strength, and joy while fostering learning and literacy in children.

Free resources for students:

  • Scholastic Magazines+ collection, for grades 1-12
    • Check out this free collection of nonfiction dedicated to amazing trailblazing women who inspire every reader.
    • Articles within the collection highlight women in STEM, such as astronauts Mae Jemison and Kathy Sullivan, and engineering graduate and inventor Arnelle Etienne. These can inspire young girls to pursue careers in science and technology.
  • Scholastic News article, for grades 5-6
    • “The Fight for Women’s Rights” article helps build background knowledge around the national movement to gain equality for women. 
    • Students can read about Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a key figure in the movement and how she teamed up with activists to draft an empowering statement and gain support for suffrage.
  • Junior Scholastic article, for grades 6-8
    • This article shares the story of American photographer and photojournalist, Dorothea Lange, with middle school students.
    • Best known for her Depression-era work, students can learn more about how Dorothea influenced the development of documentary photography and that her photos remain some of the most famous ever taken.

Free events and resources open to students, families, and more:

  • Pam Munoz Ryan “When Marian Sang”
    • On Wednesday, March 8 at 1 PM ET, award-winning author Pam Muñoz Ryan will join Storyvoice for a melodious read-aloud of her book, When Marian Sang. Joining participants will have a chance to meet Pam, ask questions, and even read along live! Attend this free event here
  • Chaunté Lowe Reading “Boundless”
    • On Friday, March 10 at 2 PM ET Olympic medalist and author Chaunté Lowe will do a read-aloud of her book, Boundless. Joining students will learn about Chaunté’s journey to becoming a bronze medal-winning U.S. Olympian, ask questions, and read along live. Attend this free event here.
  • I Kick and I Fly: A Conversation with Author and Activist Ruchira Gupta
    • Listen to Scholastic Reads podcast host Suzanne McCabe and activist Richira Gupta, whose novel I Kick and I Fly, is based off of her experience working to help girls in India, Nepal, and elsewhere escape the brutal world of child sex trafficking. She is the co-founder of Apne Aap, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that empowers women and girls to escape the vicious cycle of prostitution.
  • Amplifying the stories of trailblazing women
    • All month long, Scholastic’s social channels will highlight our books featuring the stories of trailblazing women and their remarkable stories. Our books to be highlighted include Traci N. Todd’s Holding Her Own; Glenda Armand’s All Aboard the Schooltrain; Aida Salazar’s Jovita Wore Pants; Ruby Bridges’ I Am Ruby Bridges; Brittney Cooper’s Stand Up! 10 Mighty Women Who Made a Change; Bellen Woodard’s More Than Peach; and Chana Stiefel’s The Tower of Life. Tune into our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook channels for these highlights!

Professional books for educators:

  • Cultivating Genius and Unearthing Joy by Dr. Gholdy Muhammad
    • These are two groundbreaking books that explore how educators can unlock the potential of every student, particularly those from marginalized communities. Cultivating Genius offers strategies for creating culturally responsive classrooms that honor and amplify students' identities, while Unearthing Joy is a joyful exploration of mindfulness and emotional intelligence that can help students cultivate happiness and well-being.
  • Revolutionary Love by Eliza Braden, Kamania Wynter-Hoyt, Michele Myers, Natasha Thornton, and Sanjuana Rodriquez
    • A powerful exploration of social justice movements led by women throughout history, Revolutionary Love is a book that can inspire young readers, especially girls, to explore their potential and pursue their passions.
  • Reading Above the Fray by Julia B. Lindsey
    • This must-read explores the science of reading, including the importance of phonics in teaching and instruction. The book provides valuable insights on how to teach phonics effectively and promote literacy in young children.

Whether you're an educator or family member, Scholastic offers a wealth of resources and inspiration you can use in your classroom or at home. Visit the Scholastic Teacher Store to learn more about these inspiring resources and check out a curated collection of women’s history and experience.