On the Scholastic Reads podcast: Book access for all kids

Emily Morrow  //  Nov 16, 2018

On the Scholastic Reads podcast: Book access for all kids

We've released a new podcast episode!

This week, on the Scholastic Reads podcast, we talk with literacy advocates Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp about their new book for K-8 educators, Game Changer! 

Throughout our conversation, Donalyn and Colby talk about how crucial it is for kids to have access to age-appropriate books, citing research around how book access increases academic achievement, fosters a love of reading, and increases children's understanding of themselves and their world.

In one of my favorite moments from the episode, Colby (who's a fifth grade teacher) shares a story of a boy he had in class two years ago who walked into class, crossed his arms and said, "I don't like reading."

Now, the student he calls "Alan" not only is reading on grade level, he is determined to grow up and be on the Caldecott Medal committee so he can award the medal to his favorite picture book author, Deborah Freedman.

Donalyn reminds us that her hope is that EVERY child has a story like Alan. "I want every child to have the chance to fall in love with reading," she says — something that can only happen if all kids are given access to books.

Pop in your headphones and give this episode a listen here. You can also find and subscribe to Scholastic Reads wherever you get your podcasts!