Scholastic Professional releases Game Changer! by Donalyn Miller & Colby Sharp

Stephanie Agresti  //  Nov 12, 2018

Scholastic Professional releases Game Changer! by Donalyn Miller & Colby Sharp

Today, Scholastic Professional released a new title for K–8 educators that highlights the power and importance of book access.

Game Changer! Book Access for All Kids from The Nerdy Book Club blog co-founders Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp offers a collection of insights and experiences from literacy advocates for cultivating meaningful reading experiences that build a culture of literacy.

Inspired by their passion for helping kids find books to love, Donalyn and Colby describe how access to a wide variety of texts, choice in what to read, and time to read are “game changers” for children, enhancing academic achievement while shaping kids’ understanding of themselves and their world.

Each chapter of the book draws from research, highlights the experiences of educators and families who are finding ways to unite kids with books, and delves into practical methods for improving the reading lives of students. Topics covered include turning “book deserts” into “book floods;” supporting librarians; advocating for representation in children’s books; establishing and continually re-evaluating robust, diverse, and inclusive classroom libraries; creating opportunities for students to own books; and more.

Hear directly from Donalyn and Colby as they discuss important reading topics from their book. Here are a few highlights from their Game Changer! video series:

It Takes A Village

Raising Citizens of the World

I am a Reader. I Have My Own Book.

Every Kid Needs a Book Whisperer

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