Scholastic names the 2015 180 Award Winners for success in reading and math

Alexandra Wladich  //  May 11, 2015

Scholastic names the 2015 180 Award Winners for success in reading and math

Each year during the 180 Awards I am reminded of the amazing work done in schools across the country and the tremendous accomplishments by students and educators despite the many challenges they face.

This year, Scholastic has recognized sixteen amazing students and five passionate teachers in grades 3 through 12 for their academic achievement in reading and mathematics skills through the use of the READ 180®, System 44® and MATH 180™ programs.

From overcoming language barriers, hearing impairment or a disbelief in their own abilities, to balancing personal challenges ranging from family loss to adapting to a new country, these 16 students managed to persevere and achieve academic success.

Honored for the dedication to ensure students succeed no matter the circumstance, these five teachers have gone above and beyond the call of duty. From supporting students through challenging curriculum to extending resources to parents, these teachers have made it their mission to help their students succeed in school and in life.

180 Student Award Winners for READ 180:

  • Lily Shi, Grade 3, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, Bethlehem, PA
  • Mariana Garcia, Grade 4, Robbins Elementary School, Robbins, NC
  • Kyla Vincson, Grade 5, Hidden Springs Elementary, Moreno Valley, CA
  • Erik Snapp, Grade 7, Enterprise Middle School, West Richland, WA
  • Amy Luna, Grade 8, Hester Junior High School, Franklin Park, IL
  • Katelyn Brothers, Grade 8, West Virginia Children’s Home, Elkins, WV
  • Kimbsia Demosthenes, Grade 9, Oakcrest High School, Mays Landing, NJ
  • Jon Novak, Grade 11, North Olmsted High School, North Olmsted, OH
  • Martin Esho, Grade 12, Grace Davis High School, Modesto, CA

180 Student Award Winners for System 44:

  • Austin Stevens, Grade 4, Temperance Kutner Elementary School, Fresno, CA
  • Chief Williams, Grade 7, Brooklyn Junior High, Brooklyn Park, MN
  • Oliver Hernandez, Grade 7, Washington Middle School, Yakima, WA
  • Nathaniel Bustillos, Grade 8, SPC Rafael Hernando Middle School, El Paso, TX

180 Student Award Winners for MATH 180:

  • Emma Wade, Grade 5, Alta Murrieta Elementary School, Murrieta, CA
  • Cameron Gordon, Grade 7, Southeast Middle School, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Celso Gonzales, Grade 8, Dater High School, Cincinnati, OH

180 Educator Award Winners for READ 180:

  • Delmano Mitchell, Boroughs Molette Elementary, Brunswick, GA
  • Terreca Mincey, Pahokee Middle High School, Pahokee, FL
  • Beverly Smith, Westerly High School, Westerly, RI

180 Educator Award Winner for System 44:

  • Barbara Figueroa, Ball Elementary School, San Antonio, TX

Educator Award Winner for MATH 180:

  • Joel Leventhal, Webb Middle School, Tampa, FL

For more information on the 180 Awards visit the Scholastic media room, here.