Scholastic Launches 2022-2023 Philanthropic Impact Report

pgodbole  //  Dec 4, 2023

Scholastic Launches 2022-2023 Philanthropic Impact Report

Today, Scholastic is proud to share its second annual Philanthropic Impact Report*. This report tells the incredible stories of true partnership to deliver access, choice, and diversity of books to children across the country and around the world – regardless of their literacy experiences or economic backgrounds – over the past school year.  

Judy Newman, Scholastic Chief Impact Officer said: “Our philanthropic impact partners understand that all children need access to choose books and build their home libraries to develop their choosing muscles, reading fluency, and identity as readers–all of which are imperative for their literacy. Scholastic’s mission is to support our partners in their impressive work to overcome barriers such as poverty and insufficient resources to guarantee access to literacy for all children regardless of their reading experience or economic background.”

We are proud to continue to uphold our commitment to enrich the lives of all children with the joy and power of reading. This past school year, more than 5 million books and $650,000 in cash were donated by Scholastic to advance literacy initiatives with partners such as Save the Children, Book Harvest, Toys for Tots, LitWorld®, Reach out and Read, Share the Magic Foundation, and many more.

To learn more, visit the Scholastic Corporate Social Responsibility page and download the report in full: Follow @Scholastic on Twitter to keep up with the company’s happenings!

*Scholastic reports philanthropic efforts based on its fiscal year calendar, which began June 1, 2022 and ended May 31, 2023.