Scholastic Classroom Magazines Over the Decades

Guest Blogger  //  Oct 22, 2020

Scholastic Classroom Magazines Over the Decades

In honor of Scholastic's centennial, we took a look back at our magazine covers that were published on October 22nd—our anniversary date—over the decades! Check out the collection curated by Chelsea Fritz, Library Assistant, Scholastic Corporate Library and Archive.


1920: The Western Pennsylvania Scholastic, Volume 1, Number 1

The magazine issue that started it all! This is the first published item from Scholastic on October 22, 1920. The premier issue has articles relating to high school students. The articles range from Scholastic’s debut, high school sports, local high school events, and local lectures.

1952: Senior Scholastic, Volume 61, Number 6

The October 22nd, 1952 cover from Senior Scholastic takes us into the world of science and engineering. The striking cover displays scientists working on a Gamma ray generator to study atomic rays. This issue is electrifying!

1965: Scholastic News Trails, Volume 11, Number 6

On this cover are portraits of six famous Americans. These notable faces include presidents, astronauts, naturalists, inventors, activists, andscholars. The cover entices those to turn to page 3 where all the names are revealed!

1982: Scholastic Action, Volume 6, Number 3

This magazine celebrates spooky season in 1982.  Scholastic Action brings us Frankenstein up close and personal in all his scary glory on the cover on October 22nd, 1982. 

1993: Scholastic Scope, Volume 42, Number 6

This one gets readers excited for Halloween. The cover features a young child screaming in horror! Well maybe not actual horror, but the cover is sure to attract young readers looking for Halloween scares.  

Chelsea Fritz & Tim Eklund