Scholastic Classroom Magazines Earth Day Live Event Recap

Guest Blogger  //  Apr 18, 2019

Scholastic Classroom Magazines Earth Day Live Event Recap

Classrooms from across the world joined Scholastic Classroom Magazines editors during the Earth Day Facebook Live on Wed., April 17, 2019. Editors shared their favorite Earth Day articles from their April issues and discussed how everyone can make a positive impact on the environment. 

The event also raised funds for to help ensure every student has access to great books and resources. 

Check out all the Scholastic Classroom Magazines articles featured in the Earth Day Facebook Live event, including timely environmental concerns impacting our world today. Share them with your class to get your students excited for Earth Day!

Storyworks, Feb. 2019

Water Bottles: Handy or Harmful?

This debate proposes a difficult, but thoughtful, question for grades 4–6 students: Should water bottles get the boot?

Scholastic News Edition 3, Apr. 2019

Saving the Sea
Third graders will learn about nine-year-old Ryan Hickman, who started his own company, Ryan’s Recycling, to keep plastic and trash out of the ocean.

SuperScience, Apr. 2019

Egg Protectors
Learn how ecologists are working with makeup artists to create fake turtle eggs with GPS trackers that lead authorities to poachers who are threatening the sea turtle population.

DynaMath, Apr. 2019

The Elephant Detective
Check out how a biologist is using DNA to track poached elephant tusks in order to fight the illegal ivory trade.

Scholastic News Edition 5/6, Apr. 2019

Goodbye Butterflies?
Fifth and sixth graders can learn why monarch butterflies are disappearing and what they can do to help nurture the monarch’s habitat in their communities.

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