Scholastic is celebrating Pokémon!

Guest Blogger  //  Feb 26, 2019

Scholastic is celebrating Pokémon!

We love Pokémon, and gotta catch’em all! TM

Introduce your reader to the world of Pokémon!

So many readers around the world have a special relationship with their favorite Pokémon characters and stories. We asked a group of employees at Scholastic: what is YOUR favorite Pokémon? See some of their answers below, and learn about these Pokémonwith select pages from the Pokémon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook.


“Pikachu has always been and will always be my favorite Pokémon! They’re the perfect combo of smart, loyal, fierce, and adorable.”—Julia Eisler, Marketing


“Gengar is terrifying yet squishy, and has a very tricky personality. I always love seeing the way different artists convey his personality on Pokémon cards.”—Becky Benett, Digital


“My favorite Pokémon is DEFINITELY Rapidash, no contest. You betcha I’m going to ride a flaming horse into the sunset at first opportunity.”—Melissa Shirmer, Production


“My favorite Pokémon is Jigglypuff. Not only because this was a ‘mon that evolved when happy, but also because Jiggly was a singer (as was I) and as a child I always found it wildly amusing that it put people to sleep with its music.”—Akshaya Iyer, Editorial


“Wartortle was the first Pokémon evolution I ever got, back in Pokémon Blue, in 1998, when I was four years old. He was so much stronger than Squirtle, and both very tough and very cute looking. (He still pulls this combination off better than any Pokémon since!)”—Josh Berlowitz, Production