Resources for Brain Awareness Week

Alexandra Wladich  //  Mar 18, 2015

Resources for Brain Awareness Week

This week is Brain Awareness Week (BAW). BAW is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. To help celebrate BAW, we compiled some of our favorite resources about the most complex organ in the human body, the brain!

●These 40 fun exercises that will help students take a quick break and return to their work refreshed and ready to learn. Each exercise is designed to get more oxygen and energy to students’ brains, improve their focus, and calm their nervous systems.

Through this lesson and reproducible work sheet students will understand how the network of neurons in the brain communicates through synapses to create, learn, and shape a skilled and experienced individual. Students will discover that they can have some control over how their brains develop.

●From iPhones to television, University of Virginia Professor Dr. Daniel T. Willingham, shares how technologies are affecting students' brains.

●Check out our list of recommended titles all about the brain.

●For educators: by better understanding your own neurological strengths and weaknesses, you can adapt your lessons to reach all students. This quiz will help you learn whether you are a left-, right-, or middle-brain teacher.

●In this blog post, Dr. David Rose of the Center for Applied Special Technologies and Harvard's Graduate School of Education, explains how the brain functions and how it operates while a person reads.

●If you or your students begin to lose focus during the day, try a brain break! From dancing parties to Simon Says, these ideas are a great way to re-energize and re-charge your brain.