Recommended books for video gamers in the new school year

Guest Blogger  //  Sep 12, 2018

Recommended books for video gamers in the new school year

Guest blog post by Ashley Cooke, Trade Associate Marketing Manager

The 2018/2019 school year is here! If your video game-loving child is missing the thrill of playing their favorite games over the summer, they are not alone. According to statistics*, 28% of video game players in the United States are under the age of 18—there are undoubtedly many children starting a new school year, and missing their games!

This transition into a new academic year can be a great opportunity to grow your child’s love of reading with a Scholastic AFK book. AFK is gamer-speak for ‘away from keyboard’, and these books, created in conjunction with award-winning authors and game developers, are perfect for fans looking to experience the world of their favorite games in a whole new way. With book choices for readers from ages 4 to 12 and up, there is an AFK book for every gaming fan. Click here to learn more about all the AFK books available from Scholastic. 

Say hello to the newest book series in the AFK line!

If you’re looking for an exciting gaming book for a reader ages 10 and up, it’s a great time to introduce them to the newest AFK series based on Hello Neighbor. This brand new series is a pulse-pounding prequel novel about what happened before the events in the electrifying, hit horror game. Readers will love to unwind the mystery at the heart of the game!

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Hello Neighbor: Missing Pieces
By Carly Anne West
Ages 10 and up

Nicky Roth has always been a lonely kid. But that all changes when he and his family move to Raven Brooks and meet their eccentric neighbors, the Petersons. Nicky befriends the Petersons' son, Aaron, bonding over their talents for tinkering. Soon the boys are inseparable and using their skills to pull pranks on the townspeople.  

But something about Aaron bothers Nicky—people seem almost afraid of him and his family. Through snippets from Aaron and a lot of sleuthing in the town's archives, Nicky discovers a dark past haunting his neighbors, a streak of bad luck they can't seem to shake. Aaron thinks that's all behind them now, but Nicky has a feeling the Petersons are fated for another tragedy. . . .


*According to 2018 statistics provided by Statista: