Raise Funds for Your Classroom or Support a Teacher With ClassroomsCount™

Guest Blogger  //  Aug 9, 2021

Raise Funds for Your Classroom or Support a Teacher With ClassroomsCount™

Teachers can start a campaign to get books, magazines, and products in students’ hands.

For teachers, there’s a lot to stock up on throughout the school year — from engaging read-alouds and chapter books to colorful pocket charts and bulletin boards. With a ClassroomsCount™ campaign, teachers can easily raise funds through Scholastic to purchase books, magazines, and other trusted products to support students this school year.

Here’s how it works: If you’re a teacher, you can set up a ClassroomsCount™ campaign in minutes and share it with your friends, family, and community. Sharing on social media makes it four times more likely that your campaign will get funded!

You can also personally ask a few people to support your classroom: Teachers only need 8 contributors, on average, to fund their ClassroomsCount™ campaigns.

​​“It’s easy to post, it’s easy to share — and it makes sharing literacy with students so much easier,” says Kris Bruno, a teacher who raised $305.

Contributors can feel confident that their funds stay in your Scholastic account (and you don’t have to worry about organizing checks or cash). You can spend every penny immediately across Scholastic at The Scholastic Teacher Store, Scholastic Book Clubs, The Scholastic Parent Store, and Scholastic Magazines+.

In other words, there’s no need to reach a target to use your funds. Scholastic doesn’t take any fees, so every cent is yours to spend.

“The campaign was so much easier than having to collect money on my own,” says Carrie McDonald, a teacher who raised $360 (she raised her first $180 in just two hours!).

Here are a few great ideas for your first ClassroomsCount™ campaign:

  • Give every student a monthly book of their own

  • Build a diverse classroom library 

  • Get Scholastic Magazines+ for your class

  • Ask your friends and family to be “Book Fairies” for your students

  • Reach kids with a mobile library

“I just know if it wasn’t for us, a couple of communities wouldn’t have gotten books,” says Chrissy Casey, a teacher who raised $1,175 for a mobile library. “This is the one access they have to books.”

If you’re not a teacher but want to support classrooms, ClassroomsCount™ is a fantastic way to do so. Check out these inspiring campaigns, and fund a teacher’s campaign today to get books, magazines, and products in kids’ hands all year long!