Q&A with Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, creators of the How Do Dinosaurs...? series

Guest Blogger  //  Jun 28, 2018

Q&A with Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, creators of the How Do Dinosaurs...? series

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague has been considered a “must-read” picture book since it was first published in 2000. Parents and children everywhere can relate to the nightly bedtime struggle and find comfort and humor in the endearing reptiles, including the stegosaurus who pouts when his parents turn out the light and the pteranodon who tosses his teddy bear in the air.

Over the years, the How Do Dinosaurs…? series has continued to touch on each of the fundamental topics in little ones’ development, including eating, safety, and friendship. And now, with book number twelve, Jane, Mark, and their entourage of dinos are covering the subject that is perhaps closest to their hearts (and ours)—learning to read! 

We were lucky enough to talk to Jane and Mark about why reading—and helping little ones develop a passion for books—is so important to them. See our conversation below, and be sure to pick up a copy of How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read?, out June 26!

Scholastic: What have you heard from parents about how the How Do Dinosaurs...? books help their children?
Jane Yolen: Parents all say the books help kids focus, go to sleep, eat properly, and cut down on tantrums. All the books seem to say, “I’m a GOOD dinosaur!”


Scholastic: Do you think How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read? will get children excited about books and reading?
Mark Teague: I certainly hope so. Dinosaurs were one of the first subjects that got me interested in books many, many years ago! 


Scholastic: You’ve written/illustrated 12 big How Do Dinosaurs…? books. What makes How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read? different from the other ones? Do you think it will help children learn to read, or want to read?
JY: How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read? specifically encourages children to read—and to discover that reading is a wonderful experience. Also, this book has a bonus in the back for parents who want to help set their children firmly on the reading road. The book encourages children to treat books with respect, to love books, and to love to learn to read.


Scholastic: Why do you think readers (adults and children) will be excited about How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read?
MT: It’s a book that practices what it preaches: Reading is fun!


Scholastic: Of course you are an advocate of reading! Why is reading so important?
JY: The world is wide and vast and sometimes scary—and often confusing. But books are both mirrors and windows into places and people and events the reader might not otherwise get to know. It is a ticket to the universe.


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