Q&A with Aaron Blabley: The Bad Guys are BACK!

Guest Blogger  //  Jun 20, 2020

Q&A with Aaron Blabley: The Bad Guys are BACK!

As we eagerly await The Bad Guys #11, we're so excited to reveal the cover for Aaron Blabley's next installment in the seriesThe Bad Guys in The One?! on sale in the U.S., November 10!

Aaron joined us in a Q&A to get us ready for the next books!

Before we move on to The Bad Guys #12, the 11th book comes out in just a few weeks, July 7th! What do you want readers to know about this upcoming book?

If you think of The Bad Guys books as being like a TV show, then Book 11 would be the first episode of the second season. It marks the beginning of a huge new story arc in which Snake accidentally triggers a series of events that have MAJOR consequences for all the characters. It raises a whole bunch of questions, the answers to which you will uncover as the series progresses. It’s like the first few important pieces of a great big jigsaw puzzle. A funny jigsaw puzzle. With highly dramatic bits. And occasional fart jokes. 

The Bad Guys have transformed into Shadow Squad-G! What has it been like writing about this larger group?

Heaven. My central team now has around 14 members and as the series progresses, you’ll meet a whole new cast of villains, which means, by the end, I’ll be juggling a central cast of about 25 characters. One of my favourite things is creating a story where ALL those characters have a satisfying journey and they all get moments where they shine. The scale of it is very exciting to me.

The series gives kids a lot to think about when it comes to good and evil, but the books do it with a ton of humor. Why is it important to blend in comedy when writing about these themes for young readers?

The Bad Guys is meant to be fun. That’s what it’s all about. Yes, by the time it’s over there’ll be a long, twisty and highly dramatic story, but underneath it all there’ll always be the same full-tilt comedy that’s been there since Book #1. The balance of comedy and action is what I love most about making the series.

Which Bad Guy is the most fun to write?

That’s a very tough question. They’re like my children and it’s impossible to choose. I do really love Mr Piranha though…

What can readers expect in Bad Guys #12?! 

The Bad Guys #12 is very exciting. You get a few more very important pieces of the puzzle, and the longest action sequence in the series so far as the crew hurtle towards a whole new universe. Like, literally. 

What do you hope young readers take away from the series?

I hope kids can disappear into The Bad Guys world and have the most fun you can have with a book. That is my dream :)