Prideful Picture Books!

Anonymous  //  Sep 21, 2021

Prideful Picture Books!

Here in the Scholastic Library, I wanted to keep the momentum of Pride going through the end of the year, so here are some wonderful picture books written by LGBTQIA authors.

Orchard Books, 2021

Starting with a personal favorite, Llama Glamarama by Simon James Green and Garry Parsons. Simon James Green is a Carnegaie award winning author of various LGBT YA novels like Heartbreak Boys, Noah Can’t Even, and Alex in Wonderland.

This wonderful story is about Larry the llama that lives among other llamas in a barn during the day, but when everyone is asleep, Larry adorns bright feather boas and dances! He fears he will not be accepted among his other llama friends until he discovers Llama Glamarama, a festival of llamas who dance, laugh, and celebrate through music.

“Will this vibrant celebration give Larry the pride he needs to bring his dance back home? A bright and colorful rhyming story with a powerful message about celebrating differences, Llama Glamarama is the perfect Pride picture book for everyone!” [Source:]

Magination Press, 2014

This Day In June, by Gayle E Pitman.
Gayle Pitman is queer author, teacher, and feminist. This Day In June won the ALA Stonewall Award in 2015.

This Day In June is an incredible and validating story of the celebrations of Pride that occur in June. This picture book illustrates the Pride parade for children to view the LGBT experience and learn that we are all united through love.

“Also included is a Note to Parents and Other Caregivers with information on how to talk to children about sexual orientation and gender identity in age-appropriate ways as well as a Reading Guide chock-full of facts about LGBT history and culture. This Day in June is an excellent tool for teaching respect, acceptance, and understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.” [Source:]

Candlewick Press, 2018

Julian is a Mermaid by Jessica Love, she is the author, illustrator, and winner of the Stonewall Book Award.

This was one of my favorites. The idea that a child could be so mesmerized by mermaids and seek to become one regardless of gender is beautiful. This book teaches children to explore what makes their heart sing through their individuality. This book highlights the Latino experience and shines light on what authenticity, acceptance, and identity can do for young children.

Dial Books, 2014

Lastly, I am Jazz, written by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings, illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas.

The story of Jazz Jennings has captivated thousands of people. She currently has a show on TLC about her journey through life as transgender. She is an incredible inspiration for children who struggle with their gender identity. Whether children identify as trans or not, this is an important and

“From the time she was two years old, Jazz knew that she had a girl's brain in a boy's body. She loved pink and dressing up as a mermaid and didn't feel like herself in boys' clothing. This confused her family, until they took her to a doctor who said that Jazz was transgender and that she was born that way.” [Source:]

This book is also mentioned on’s 6 Picture Books About Transgender Children.

By Chelsea Fritz, Library Assistant  


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