Parent bloggers share their Summer Reading Challenge photos!

Guest Blogger  //  Jul 15, 2014

Parent bloggers share their Summer Reading Challenge photos!

Special thanks to Corporate Communications intern Melissa for writing this post! For more information on the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, visit Please note that the bloggers cited in this post were compensated for writing about the program; we also sent them a free "Reading Under the Stars"-themed kit.

We were incredibly excited to see our Summer Reading Challenge participants break the 2013 World Record for minutes read last week! It’s amazing to see so many kids doing so much reading.

This year, we enlisted our trusted team of parent bloggers to try out the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge with their own children, and those kids have been some of our most enthusiastic participants. Their moms and dads are loving the Challenge too! Here are some of the awesome things they had to say about it on their blogs.

The space theme of this year’s challenge has been a hit. Janel of A Mom’s Take notes that her son loves learning about the constellations, and “is counting down to our own backyard reading under the stars party so he can try to find the new constellations he has been learning about.” Max, whose mom, Ellen, writes at Love That Max, had fun finding Pisces from his back deck, and even discovered his own constellation – a fire truck. And the Reading Under the Stars theme has inspired Amy of Teach Mama to organize a backyard camping night for her kids later this summer! We can hardly wait to read about their adventures.

Parents are also finding that the Summer Reading Challenge helps keep their kids’ minds sharp over the summer. Patti, of Living Mi Vida Loca, is dealing with summer learning loss for the first time and signed her son up for the challenge “to keep his reading level up to par so he is prepared for first grade come August.” Meanwhile, over at My Organized Chaos, Tammi is also trying to prepare her twin daughters for first grade. The girls have struggled with language, but this summer, “they are happy to be included in a reading challenge with their big sister and it is helping their motivation and determination. My main goal with them is to develop that love for reading and get them excited to learn.”

Finally, our bloggers’ kids are excited to log their reading time and to contribute to breaking the world record. Ava is loving the Scholastic Reading Timer app. “She gets it all set up and starts it when she begins her daily reading,” writes her mom, Amanda, at Real Moms Real Views. “The Scholastic Reading Timer app encourages reading every day and most importantly, makes it fun!”

Jenn, at Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, notes that “using the Scholastic website and Vayda being part of breaking a world challenge for summer reading has helped Vayda want to read.  The other day she read for an entire hour, without anyone asking her to pick up a book or anything.” And Tésa, who blogs at 2 Wired 2 Tired, notes that her kids Kora and Logan are “so excited to log in their minutes that they have been reading all… the… time. It’s been amazing!” As a matter of fact, Kora and Logan are enjoying the Summer Reading Challenge so much that they made this awesome video.

You can check out more photos of our bloggers’ kids enjoying the Summer Reading Challenge here. Circle back in a few weeks to see some highlights from the Reading Under the Stars parties they’ll be hosting!

Image via A Mom's Take