Our top 5 favorite Pig the Pug moments

Guest Blogger  //  May 10, 2019

Our top 5 favorite Pig the Pug moments

We are so excited that Pig the Stinker has just been released— the sixth installment of the bestselling Pig the Pug series by Aaron Blabey! To celebrate Pig’s latest misadventure, in which he will do anything to avoid the bathtub, we decided to revisit some of our favorite Pig and Trevor moments. Follow along, below, and learn more about the whole series at scholastic.com/pigthepug!

5) Pig’s first meltdown (Pig the Pug)

There’s nothing like being introduced to a character for the first time, and Pig the Pug is no exception. We will always remember the moment we discovered that Pig wasn’t quite the cuddly pug we’d been expecting.

4) Pig and Trevor, the bride (Pig the Fibber)

We didn’t love when Pig blamed Trevor the dachshund for destroying a wedding dress in Pig the Fibber, but this picture of Trevor in a veil is just so adorable! Thankfully, karma comes into effect and Pig discovers that honesty is the best policy.

3) Pig and his dog dish (Pig the Winner)

In Pig the Winner, Pig’s efforts to win the eating contest against Trevor go a bit too far. Luckily, Trevor is there to save the day and Pig learns the importance of playing fair.

2) Pig and Trevor Photoshoot (Pig the Star)

Pugs and dachshunds are cute, but they’re even cuterwhen they’re all dressed up for an unforgettable photography session! Honorable mentions go to Pig dressed as the Queen of Hearts and Trevor dressed as Elvis.

1) Pig falling from Santa’s Sleigh (Pig the Elf)

Need we say more? In Pig the Elf, Pug’s attempts to chase Santa Claus go more than a little awry.


No spoilers, but we couldn’t resist sharing this hilarious spread from Pig the Stinker. Read the book to find out exactly how Pig finds himself in this tumultuous situation.


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