One Earth Award recipients address environmental issues

Loribelle Lapaix  //  Apr 22, 2019

One Earth Award recipients address environmental issues

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re highlighting four students who recently received national recognition, and a $1,000 scholarship, in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for their creative works addressing climate change. The One Earth Award is a special achievement award provided to students whose work encourages the awareness of, and meaningful responses to, climate change. 

Kaylee Chen (8th grade, South Carolina)

Poetry: “Pan” (excerpt)/ full text

i. mount olympus was a perfect paradise, but he

            knew paradise

before marble and gold-plated luxury.

yes, he wandered the forests when they were new

            and untainted,

ruled lush jungles and clear streams, gently sloping

            hills and valleys,

reveled in a sun that warmed the earth and gave way

            to glorious life.

he used to be able to breathe.


Aysha Zackria (12th grade, Florida)

Read Aysha’s dramatic script “Hell and High Water


Fiona Luo (10th grade, California)

Comic Art: “Rising”


Minda Silvestre (12th grade, Wisconsin)
Design: “Open for Breathing” 


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Cover image: Fiona Luo, Comic Art, "Rising: Part 1 & 2"