Now's your chance to log minutes for the entire summer

Nadia Almahdi  //  Aug 22, 2014

Now's your chance to log minutes for the entire summer

We've had an awesome summer Reading Under the Stars! Beat the world record in just 10 weeks? Check. Learn why authors think summer reading is important? Got it! Log an impressive 200 MILLION minutes? Done…and the number is still climbing! Share our #SummerReadingSelfies? Yup. Unlock all the constellations? Almost (we only have 1 to go!). So what’s left in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge?

Logging MORE minutes! Remember, the middle school that logs the most minutes will win a visit from author Gordon Korman! And the elementary school that logs the most will get a visit from David Shannon! PLUS, the 20 schools that log the most minutes and the #1 school in each state will receive a plaque to celebrate their incredible achievement!

As we near the end of the Summer Reading Challenge, we see the difference between each school’s number of minutes logged get closer…and every minute counts! Last year, it came down to the wire for the top schools!

Starting today, readers can retroactively log minutes for the entire summer. That means students who were away or kept a paper log of how much they read can head to their dashboards and log minutes for the ENTIRE SUMMER!

PLUS, today we kick off "Binge Reading Weeks!” It’s the last chance to log reading minutes and help your school come out on top! Have a read-a-thon with classmates or hit the library after school to find new books and catch up on reading. It's your chance to help set a new record—for your school, state, and yourself!

Hurry—the Summer Reading Challenge ends at 3pm ET on Friday, September 5. So keep reading and logging minutes!