No filter needed! Follow the @ScholasticBookFair Instagram account

Alexandra Wladich  //  Apr 20, 2016

No filter needed! Follow the @ScholasticBookFair Instagram account

As a student, there was nothing more exciting than the Scholastic Book Fair. On the morning of the fair my mom would send me to school with money to purchase the books of my choice, which usually consisted of Goosebumps or The Babysitters Club. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, the power of choosing my own books was something that really fostered my love of reading. According to the Kids & Family Reading Reports, 91% percent of kids ages 6–17 agree “my favorite books are the ones that I have picked out myself.”

To continue to inspire a love of reading in all children, Scholastic Book Fairs has launched an official Instagram account: @SchoalsticBookFairs.

We encourage you to follow @ScholasticBookFairs and enjoy our behind the scenes photos and videos of fairs and events across the country, featured titles, inspirational quotes and more!

If you are sharing photos of your fair, be sure to tag @ScholasticBookFairs and use the hashtag #mybookfair.