New York City in books

Raisa Masood  //  Jun 19, 2019

New York City in books

How can you tell that someone is a New Yorker? You’ll always find them carrying books to read on the subway!

I’ve spent a lot of time exploring and getting lost in New York, but one of my favorite ways to see the city is through books. (And as a New Yorker, I get most of my reading done on the subway, of course.) Reading stories set in this city has led me to seek out places mentioned in the books and engage with familiar surroundings in new ways. There’s definitely a reason why there are so many titles dedicated to the concrete jungle!

Here are some books that will bring you the magic of New York. Pick your favorite reading spot and whisk off to bookish adventures in the Big Apple.

Picture Books

Young Reader & Middle Grade Books

Young Adult Books

Plus, if your young reader is picking up any of these titles, make sure they're entering their reading minutes in the Scholastic Read-A-Palooza Summer Reading Challenge!

Raisa Masood