New Scholastic Professional Title Provides Educators with Research-Backed Strategies to Build Resilience

Langley Leverett  //  Nov 6, 2023

New Scholastic Professional Title Provides Educators with Research-Backed Strategies to Build Resilience

Scholastic Professional is thrilled to announce the release of The Educator’s Guide to Building Child & Family Resilience by teacher-educator and pediatrician team, Linda C. Mayes, M.D. and Michele Myers, Ph.D. This new guide offers educators hands-on, research-backed techniques and strategies to help students and families deal with life’s most challenging situations. 

Lauren Tarshis, Scholastic SVP Editor-in-Chief & Publisher and bestselling author, writes in the foreword: “As they explain, resilience is not a mysterious force a lucky few are born with. Resilience springs from a set of capacities—the ability to forge close relationships, for example, and to help others. To find motivation and think in a nimble, flexible way. These and other ‘resilience capacities’ can be learned, and teachers can play a critical role in nurturing these skills in the classroom.”

Inspired by their unique experiences of helping children overcome obstacles associated with mental and physical trauma, Dr. Mayes and Dr. Myers wrote this title to increase the awareness of the need for trauma-informed instructional practices in the classroom. This title is a hands-on instructional map to aid educators, families, and communities to support one another to not only cope but to thrive in the face of adversity. 

The title is constructed around a five-point framework that supports students and educators as they develop their resilience-informed skills. Readers can gain insights on powerful classroom management strategies and more through the following:

  1. Developing supportive relationships

  2. Forming positive self-identities

  3. Supporting curiosity and motivation

  4. Engaging in flexible thinking

  5. Demonstrating altruism

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Michele Myers, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University. As a holistic, social justice educator, Dr. Myers is committed to ensuring that all children receive a humanizing education that honors their histories, heritages, literacies, languages, cultures, family structures, and communities as assets for learning. Dr. Myers recently co-authored Revolutionary Love (Scholastic, 2020) with Kamania Wynter-Hoyt, Eliza Braden, Sanjuana Rodriguez, and Natasha Thornton.

Linda C. Mayes, M.D. is a developmental pediatrician in the Yale School of Medicine where she leads the Yale Child Study Center, and a steering committee member for the Yale Child Study Center-Scholastic Collaborative for Child & Family Resilience. Her scholarly work focuses on the impact of early adversity on children's development and on building programs to support skill development promoting resilience. An author of numerous scholarly articles, Mayes is also the author of The Educator’s Guide to Understanding Child Development (Scholastic, 2020).