New Scholastic Professional Title Explores Research-Based Literacy Tactics to Improve Reading

Langley Leverett  //  Aug 16, 2023

New Scholastic Professional Title Explores Research-Based Literacy Tactics to Improve Reading

Scholastic Professional is excited to announce the release of the newest title centered on evidence-based literacy practices: 7 Mighty Moves: Research-Backed, Classroom Tested Strategies to Ensure K-3 Success by Lindsay Kemeny!

“When we teach our students to read, we open windows of opportunity for them. But that can only happen if we consider the needs of all students, keep our expectations high, and provide them with the skills to become literate members of society,” Lindsay writes.

An elementary school teacher and parent, Lindsay authentically details the need for research-based teaching moves that bridge the research-to-practice gap for educators. Spanning seven approachable chapters, Lindsay demonstrates how teachers can untangle webs of misinformation and confusion to reach every child through explicit, systematic instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness, vocabulary, decoding strategies, fluency, comprehension, and more.

7 Mighty Moves focuses on different areas of primary reading, with each representing a change in instruction. Readers can expect the below format:

  1. A clear explanation of the move that includes an overview of the research on it and concepts related to it
  2. A discussion of “Instructional Implications” to consider as research is applied in classrooms
  3. “Strategies for Success,” ways to help students acquire necessary reading skills that are “classroom-tested”
  4. A summary of key takeaways to remember

To learn more about 7 Mighty Moves click here. Also, be sure to follow the author @LindsayKemeny and Scholastic Education Solutions @ScholasticEd on Twitter!


Lindsay Kemeny has been teaching elementary school for 12 years and is currently teaching first grade. After her son was diagnosed with dyslexia and depression, she began her deep dive into effective literacy instruction. She is a CERI certified Structured Literacy Classroom Teacher and has a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. In addition to being a classroom teacher, Lindsay enjoys presenting both locally and nationally, and loves being a co-host of the Literacy Talks Podcast. She has had articles published in The Reading League Journal, Dystinct Magazine and IDA Perspectives. She lives in northern Utah with her husband and four children. You can follow her on Twitter @LindsayKemeny.