My History Project Encourages Students to Document Life during the Pandemic

Stephanie Agresti  //  May 11, 2020

My History Project Encourages Students to Document Life during the Pandemic

Today’s students are living through an incredibly unique and important moment in history, and they have an opportunity to record what is going on in the world around them for future generations to learn about.

To support, the editors of Scholastic Classroom Magazines have created My History Project as a way for educators and families to encourage their students to document their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lauren Tarshis, author of the bestselling I Survived series and Senior Vice President & Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of Scholastic Classroom Magazines, was inspired by the many questions she’s received from young readers about whether she will be writing about the pandemic in an upcoming book.

Through the My History Project, kids can get creative and channel their own observations to frame the narrative of their lives during this challenging moment in history, in a meaningful and positive way.

Project possibilities are accompanied by writing and thinking prompts, and the topics include:

  • Observe the world around you
  • Write a news story about your family
  • Keep a kindness list
  • Put yourself in someone else’s shoes
  • Be a photojournalist
  • Write a poem or song
  • Document your daily routines
  • Create a timeline
  • Record digital trends

Student entries submitted by educators and families are being collected by Scholastic Classroom Magazine for possible publication in the magazine or online. Submissions are due by July 1.

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