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Must-Read Non-Fiction Books Coming in Fall 2021

Guest Blogger  //  Jul 12, 2021

Must-Read Non-Fiction Books Coming in Fall 2021

This is our last week in the Fall 2021 Online Preview Giveaway! To enter, just visit the Fall 2021 Online Preview homepage and click on the Enter to Win link. You’ll have a chance to win Advanced Reader copies of all of the books featured in the Fall 2021 Online Preview!

While you are there, be sure to check out our Non-Fiction category! There is a brand new book on the mummies of ancient Egypt from Sibert Award winner Candace Fleming, the first in a series of “deadliest” from non-fiction powerhouse Deborah Hopkinson, a beautiful picture book on the immigrant experience from Aida Salazar & Alina Chau and SO MUCH MORE! 

Here are all of the Non-Fiction books featured in the Preview:

  • A Rebel in Auschwitz by Jack Fairweather

  • In the Spirit of a Dream by Aida Salazar and Alina Chau

  • Deadliest #1: Deadliest Diseases Then and Now by Deborah Hopkinson

  • The Curse of the Mummy by Candace Fleming

  • Living Ghosts and Mischievous Monsters by Dan SaSuWeh Jones

Plus, a special preview of these Series from Scholastic Library Publishing:

  • Behavior Matters

  • Real World Math

  • All Around the World

  • All About....

You can watch the entire preview here!