More Klutz fun coming your way!

Morgan Baden  //  Feb 7, 2018

More Klutz fun coming your way!

Next weekend, toy creators and play professionals are gathering for Toy Fair 2018, the biggest (and most fun!) toy exhibit in the country, and we're so excited to announce that Klutz, our line of "books plus," will be debuting 21 products there. That means there's tons of Klutz fun heading your way!

Highlights include: 

Klutz Maker Lab: Gumball MachinePerfect for any budding engineer with a sweet tooth! Make your own gumball machine with a book of step-by-step instructions, adjustable ramps, custom snaps, and bumper guides. Then, keep the ball rolling with other gumball-related science experiments using simple machines. 

Klutz Maker Lab: Circuit GamesSpark your interest in circuitry! Get ready to be amazed with this electrifying combination of five circuit games to build from scratch. Use actual electronic components to construct a DIY operation game, compete with friends in a Space Loop race, assemble a quiz show board, and more. A step-by-step book of instructions teaches you how to be a maker by adding wires, LEDs, and buzzers for super-charged fun. 

Klutz Maker Lab: Air Blast CannonReady, aim, blast! Using the fun and clear instruction book, construct a moveable, air-powered cannon and fire away at the included targets. Makers will explore the physics of projectiles, the mechanics of pneumatics, and how they working everyday machines – like bicycle pumps!

Klutz Maker Lab: Wired Remote Race CarMakers, start your engines! Build a remote controlled car with actual motors to learn the basics of wiring and electricity. The included easy step-by-step instruction book will have you zooming around in no time! 

Mini Bake ShopCreate and decorate your own mini cakes, cookies, and pies with easy-peasy, no BAKE, air-dry clay. This kit includes all of the "ingredients" and instructions for rolling out clay just like fondant. Make faux flowers, stack on the sprinkles, add expressive faces, and more! Display your clay creations on a mini cake stand or in a bakery box to highlight your baking talents! It's a bake shop of cute clay confectionary. 

LEGO® GadgetsExplore the possibilities hiding in your LEGO® collection! The step-by-step instructions will have you building 11 machines including a gravity powered car and a wacky boxing robot. The fun doesn't stop once you've completed all of the projects in the book-- open-ended prompts will inspire you to continue experimenting with your own designs and modifications! 

Klutz Jr. My Clothespin ZooA monkey, and tiger, and panda, oh my! Bring the entire zoo home (in one simple activity kit)! Your youngest crafters will love creating ten adorable animals from colorful clothespins. This craft is great for developing fine motor skills, with easy-to-use and durable supplies in an all-in-one kit. Kids can go wild making them, clipping them, and turning their world into a jungle. 

Bath & Body BoxGlow from the inside-out with this collection of DIY bath and body treatments! Make a refreshing facial mask, soothing Mermaid Shimmer Gel, and relaxing Bubble Bath Bonbons, with everything you need right in the box! Then, whip up a variety of pampering potions using our simple recipes, made with easy-to-find ingredients like fresh fruit, sugar, olive oil, and honey. Spoil yourself with sugar scrubs, body wash, and more! Klutz welcomes you to the ultimate spa experience. 

If you're at Toy Fair next weekend, stop by and find us to test out these awesome products. If you're not, you can still follow the fun over on Klutz's social media channels -- Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram