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Michigan Students Connect Art and STEM with Inspiration from Scholastic Magazines+

Langley Leverett  //  May 21, 2024

Michigan Students Connect Art and STEM with Inspiration from Scholastic Magazines+

Art and STEM students from West Middle School in Byron Center, Michigan, came together to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind project using artwork from Scholastic ART.

Janine Campbell, a visual art and design teacher, and Trent Veldhouse, a STEM teacher, asked students to think outside of the box to create simple machines inspired by various paintings and artwork featured in Scholastic ART. The students made “cardboard automata,” which is a unique way to explore mechanical functions through sculpture-making. Working on these projects challenged students to problem solve, think critically, and to appreciate various art mediums. 

Janine says: We want students to understand the mechanics behind creating simple machines as well as how to interpret a work of art into a different medium. It is also a really fun, challenging and engaging way to collaborate and problem-solve in our classes. This project demonstrates coding in a different way for students and connects both art and STEM standards through the process.


Trent says:Our goal was for students to understand the concepts of cranks and cams working together to achieve a common motion. They’re also learning about different artists and how to turn art into simple machines.”

Scholastic ART, an interdisciplinary magazine for students in grades 7-12, fuels student creativity with stories that feature diverse artists, movements, and cultures, while also remaining aligned to standards. Each issue comes with lesson plans, skill sheets, and ready-to-go multimedia teaching kits. 

To view a sample issue, click here

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