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‘Make It Relevant!’ by Valerie E. King Highlights the Importance of Engaging Classroom Content

Langley Leverett  //  Feb 15, 2022

‘Make It Relevant!’ by Valerie E. King Highlights the Importance of Engaging Classroom Content

In her first book for Scholastic, Valerie E. King’s Make It Relevant!: Strategies to Nurture, Develop, and Inspire Young Learners encourages educators to step outside their habits to connect with students, establish a richer classroom environment for more effective learning, and craft relevant and captivating lesson plans.

This new title for elementary educators provides relatable anecdotes, 12 ready-to-use literacy-based mini lessons and practical strategies for teachers to implement within their classrooms. This book will help teachers learn how to become relevant to their students by leaning in, improving understanding, tackling emotionality, treasuring culture, looking around, and exploring authentic experiences.

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Valerie E. King is a K–5 advanced learning and gifted specialist in Georgia’s Cobb County School District, where she has promoted awareness for the importance of keeping subject material intriguing and relevant for peak student comprehension and engagement.

In order to recognize and move with the rapid pace of changing culture and technological progression, the author outlines several resources that can “nudge” and support educators to create curriculum that maintains a sense of urgency and timeliness. King delivers a handy ten chapter guide to understanding the current context that today’s young learners are living in, along with practical strategies, engaging anecdotes, and ready-to-use mini-lessons. This resource not only shows how best to approach students’ specific social-emotional needs, but how to keep information applicable through their development.

I believe teachers need to embrace the little opportunities to be relevant with their learners. One can easily imagine having a conversation with a high school senior about politics, climate change, or humanitarian issues. I advocate that these same conversations and ideas, as well as many more, also address the concerns and abilities of young learners and must be pervasive learning points in “little” classrooms,” says Valerie E. King.

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